November 28, 2020

Module 2 Innovation

In this module, you will learn about the following key elements of marketing as they apply to the marketing of eggs.

2.1 What is Innovation?

2.2 Tips for being Innovative in your Business

2.3 Funding for Innovation Supports

2.4 Marketing Innovation

2.5 Importance of Market Research

2.6 Useful Websites for Consumer Trends Market Research

2.7 What is the difference in real innovation & just a novelty?

2.8 Innovation Planning Template

In the agri food sector innovation is linked to performance and growth and is best seen through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning and market share. It typically adds value by changing old business approaches and practices.

Creativity is about coming up with ideas while innovation is about “bringing ideas to life.”



Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way – Michael Vance.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs.

Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity – Michael Porter.

There’s a way to do it better—find it— Thomas Edison

The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”  — Edwin H. Land