November 25, 2020

2.4 Marketing Innovation

It is essential that agri food companies understand the key food industry trends of today that are driving innovation from a marketing, product development and branding perspective.  This module looks at how to innovate around the trends that are impacting the food industry today and tomorrow with a particular focus on consumer behaviou

  • Innovation is not necessarily about people in R &D labs and white coats.  Marketing innovation is equally important.
  • Innovation doesn’t have to be so earnest all the time! Have fun
  • Doing or starting something new doesn’t have to cost the world.

Innovation has a critical role to play in assisting the egg sector to defy the gloom and doom of the economic challenges in the EU and appeal to the consumer as the most cost effective protein in their diet.  As innovation comes in many formats, this section spotlights innovation from the perspective of The Consumer by examining the following Key Trends & Consumer Drivers

2.4.1  Rising Obesity

2.4.2  Rise of the Savvy Consumer

2.4.3  Consumption of food for health benefits

2.4.4  Increasing desire for Well-Being

2.4.5  Continued desire for Convenience

2.4.6  Changing Family Structure & Men in Aprons!

2.4.7  Resource depletion & demand for renewable energy sources

2.4.8  Need for accelerated R&D and innovation

2.4.9  Rise of Social Media