November 25, 2020

3.1 Role of branding in consumer marketing

While eggs are a commodity product, branding is used to create point of difference between various companies in the marketplace.

Firstly what is a brand ?

A logo or brand stands for your business and connects your product with the consumer.  Your brand is an asset and should be treated as such.  The creation of a brand is far more demanding than a simple “naming” game.  Using a brand is known to

  • Represent your business professionally
  • Stay in the memory of the target audience
  • Inspire customer confidence

Every brand, like every person and business, has a unique personality.  No two brands can have the same personality.

A brand must

  • Invent its own style of communication
  • Prove its difference (why is this product better than competitor)
  • Regularly invest in communications

A brand requires a promise to the consumer that holds true to the experience it can reliably deliver – consistent quality excellence, great customer experience etc.

So why invest in your brand ?

Branding plays an important role in Building Customer Loyalty.  Research shows that brand loyal customers…….

  • Are less price sensitive
  • Have more of an emotional connection with your brand
  • Increase sales revenue overtime – maximise the life value of a customer
  • Become Brand advocates – Get your customers talking about you
  • Are less costly to service

Article : Standing out in the egg industry – Even the simply egg can benefit from branding and marketing.

Branding Examples  .. Noble Foods, UK  –

In 2004, Noble Foods branded free range Woodland Eggs gathered from hens that live in woodland ranging area as opposed to open fields. Every box sold at Sainsbury’s donated 1p to the Woodland Trust, which it used to plant more trees and educate school children about the environment.  To date they have planted over 300,000 trees on 134 farms throughout the UK


A brand extension linking a favourite UK means of eating eggs (toasted bread soldiers) with the charity Help for Heroes.  15p from every pack sold goes to the charity A separate brand & website with the Noble Foods business. is designed to appeal to children.

It also has a dedicated You Tube channel

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