November 28, 2020

3.2 Great marketing campaigns

There are two different approaches to egg consumer marketing campaigns

1. National consumer campaigns for the benefit of  the overall sector which are not company specific

Some excellent examples are

The Netherlands

‘Ei love you’ – . ‘Ei’ means egg in Dutch, and obviously sound like ‘I’.   The campaign includes a radio commercial (Do you love eggs, Eggs love you too).


The UK egg industry has been responsible for some of the most famous and successful marketing campaigns of the 20th and 21st centuries.     Their marketing story goes back to
egg marketing since World War II, including the famous Go to Work on an Egg campaign of the 1950s and 60s, and about the more recent relaunch of the British Lion mark which has helped the UK industry return to growth.

Other campaigns under the Lion Eggs marketing campaign are

  • is a marketing site for kids & teachers for resource material.  Cracking Eggs offers a wealth of fun and inspiring resources, recipes, and egg information for teachers, parents and students.
  • British Egg Information Service (BEIS).

National marketing campaign marketed under the tagline – An Egg A Day is OK
Review recent marketing materials

And outside Europe ….


Under the brand Incredible Egg: Consumer Website:

an initiative of American  Egg Board.

Canada and The Official Egg Farmers of Canada Facebook page

Canadian Egg Marketing Agency.


The consumer website for marketing eggs in Australia

2.   Company specific marketing campaign

A US egg company with a very strong branding and marketing campaign is Eggˑ Land’s  Egg .  Their fresh marketing approaches include interesting seasonal campaigns e.g. this one for Valentine’s Day.