November 30, 2020

3.4 Corporate Social Responsibility & the Marketing of same

One of the best ways to win hearts and minds is to do a good deed .  According to Cone’s Cause Evaluation Study, 88% of Americans say it is acceptable for companies to involve a cause, community or issue in their marketing/   Increasingly,  egg companies have very successfully linked their marketing campaigns to charities and causes.  Some recent examples are:-

  • The Egg Farmers of Canada was proud to be the Official Nutritional Partner of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure and highlighted same very prominently through their Facebook page.


The American Egg Board coordinated a national campaign to provide food for the people of Haiti affected by the earthquake  left homeless and without food and water.  Working closely with the charity, Feed the Children, The American Egg board launched “Eggs for Haitian Relief” and is working with egg companies throughout America to donate eggs.

In Company CSR Campaign Examples include:-

Irish company- Clonarn Clover has recently begun selling white eggs, a novelty in the Irish market. This presented the opportunity to develop a strong premium brand, O’Egg, targeted at women in their 20s to 40s with discerning taste and interested in home cooking.

It’s branding won a recent international design award, the designer explains (  ‘The O’Egg logo takes a clean contemporary approach unmistakably associated with eggs and ensuring strong recognition and standout across multiple platforms and sizes. The bold pink packing was chosen for it’s distinctly feminine appeal, contrast to the white colour of the eggs and to ensure on-shelf impact and distinctive standout. Support for the Irish ‘Action Breast Cancer’ association also appeals to the target demographic and the pink ribbon integrates well with the design.’

The new O’Egg White Free Range Eggs have been an immense success, and QR Codes are now being included on pack so the consumer can scan the QR Code with their smart phones and be brought directly the recipes section of the O’Egg website.

A similar campaign was promoted by Egg Land’s Best, USA.