November 25, 2020

3.5.2 Heard of QR (Quick response)

QR codes are 2 dimensional codes which contain encoded instructions that can be scanned by applications on smart phones to perform certain actions! e.g. Scan a QR code which takes you to an egg recipe of the month competition page on your website or to your Facebook page.

QR codes revolutionises the way customers interact with your brand

  • Enriches your brand’s customer experience by adding a dynamic element to static forms of media
  • QR codes can appear on a variety of mediums including:
    • Food packaging & menus
    • Poster & Advertisements,
    • Websites,
    • Email,
    • Business cards, flyers and all types of promotional material
    • Even on billboards & shop windows, clothes and tattoos  !!

They are FREE and you need to use an online Free QR Code Generators to create your code which you can then use on packaging e.g.

Examples of QR codes on egg cartons..