November 24, 2020

3.5.3 Social Media Marketing

It’s here to stay as a business marketing tool

You may have been tempted set up a social media presence but have been waiting to see if it really has taken off.    Companies often give up on digital marketing because they aren’t patient enough to put in the effort to see results – the mere existence of your business on sites like Facebook and Twitter doesn’t guarantee a single sale.  Having a solid social media strategy can really help make a difference in the success of your marketing campaigns.   Because social media is around us more and more, companies are starting to see the value in add it to their marketing mix. However, many are unsure where to start or how to develop a plan. By using social media correctly you can engage your audience in new ways, be more personable, develop new connections, and maintain the ones you have.

In this module, we look at why you need to get your social media marketing into your marketing mix.