November 24, 2020

3.5.5 Twitter

Twitter is a free micro-blogging (social networking) service that allows you to share information in a message which is 140 characters or less called a tweet. You can follow people and businesses of interest to you that share similar interests – an interest or involvement with eggs, food marketing, agri foods etc. And, they can follow you and your updates.   Business of all sizes use Twitter for a variety of reasons, from marketing to customer service but remember the Twitter community values interaction with real people. If the only thing you’re adding to the conversation is a push to visit your website, you aren’t going to have a strong and valuable reputation on Twitter.

Twitter is very powerful for you to

  • Build credibility – Create a reputation as a trusted resource or as an expert in your field or on a particular subject
  • To Build your brand – Put a face and a “voice” to the name
  • Share don’t sell – You can provide coupon codes specific to Twitter, announce new products or news
  • Learn a lot – Gather real-time market intelligence and get feedback. If you follow the right people, they can direct you to great sources of information.

Here is a very useful Twitter Business Guide Courtesy of

An interesting Dutch example of Twitter is