November 28, 2020

4.3 Building your team

A good  definition of a team in business is:

A group of people, contributing their individual knowledge and skills but working together to achieve a common goal/task.

SMES can sometimes overlook the potential to create effective teams as businesses have traditionally focused on individual employee goals and progress and not on team building.  To benefit from a successful team, you must properly structure the team.    Many successful organisations have embraced teams and teamwork as an effective way of doing business.   We see the replacement of ‘supervisors’ by ‘team leaders’.  Companies have embraced these concepts because they work. Employee motivation and morale improves dramatically when people feel valued and when their contributions make a difference.

Not all teams are alike.   Depending on the situation, choose the type of team that best fits the task you want to accomplish.   The type of team you choose will influence how effectively you achieve your goals.