November 24, 2020

4.3.2 What are the components of Successful Teams ?

What makes a good business team ?

Effective Team Work & Collaboration

To implement a successful team structure, key elements must be in place.

  • Defined Roles – To successfully work towards a business goal, the role of each team member must be defined. Without clearly defined roles, members will become discouraged because they won’t know what activities they are responsible for.
  • Shared Team Goals – Team goals must be clearly specified and agreed. This provides the focal point around which team activities are organised. If team goals are not specified and agreed upon by all team members, the team will tend to wander without direction.  For example, the goals of a team maybe designed to investigate the market potential of a new product.
  • Trust – Successful teams are made up of members who trust each other. Lack of trust among team members will shift the member’s focus away from team goals to protecting their individual positions.Commitment – All team members must be committed to achieving the goals of the team. Those who don’t share team responsibility will undermine the commitment of other team members.
  • Mutual Respect – Team members must have respect for each other. This includes respect for the views and activities of other team members. But it also includes respect for the goals of the team itself and the responsibility to work towards these goals.
  • Communications – Excellent communications among team members is important to achieve team goals. .