September 22, 2020

4.3.3 Establishing Teams – an Example

ABC Egg Company wishes to reduce waste across the business by 8% in one year.

1. Set up an environmental management team.

This team would be a core group of people who represent all the areas of the business, as well as a member of senior management to provide top-level commitment. Team members in this case would include

  • site or process engineer – any reduction in waster will demand greater efficiency from process operations
  • purchasing or finance manager – can provide information about raw material and utility costs, and liaise with suppliers when necessary
  • premises or facilities manager – can provide information on utility use and costs, and waste production and costs
  • health and safety manager – to consider if any changes required have health & safety implications.
  • quality assurance manager – if your business has a quality assurance system, such as ISO 9000, any change needs to be considered in that context.

Other roles you may want on your team include the managing director,  maintenance engineer, transport manager, office manager and human resources officer.

2. Define the Role of the Team

The role of the environmental management team is to:

  • conduct a resources use audit – identify areas of waste & weakness in the process
  • develop a series of well researched recommendations that will achieve the goal waste reduction across the business  of 8% in one year.
  • draw up action plans to ensure that improvements are made and that progress is monitored
3.Making sure you have the right resources in place

Before setting up your team, you should consider the resources the team will need. Each member of the team should have clearly defined responsibilities for specific tasks, including:

  • administrating the system
  • monitoring goals and targets
  • helping to develop work procedures
  • arranging for training of employees
  • adapting the system to accommodate changes in regulatory controls and processes liaising with external consultants