November 24, 2020

Module 5 Production & Process

This module will look at innovation within the egg sector in term of Production & Process, you will learn about the following key elements

5.1 Nutrients & Hen feeding

5.2 Genetics

5.3 Management – Disease prevention, Bio security

5.4 Food Safety & Hygiene

5.5 Environment – waste management ,  water management, energy

5.6 Manufacturing –premises design, latest equipment, traceability, packing

5.7 Latest equipment, traceability, packing

5.8 Quiz

5.9 Hygiene Plan Template


The egg sector activity is subject to a set of regulatory standards, mostly developed in the framework of the European Union under the European Model of Production (MEP). . This is based on promoting the sustainability of food production, environmental protection, welfare and animal health, achieve the highest food safety standards and meet consumer demands.

For country specific information on Standards and Guides to help stakeholders involved, please refer to

Country Document Link
Ireland Egg Quality Assurance Scheme StandardProducer / Rearer  Requirements
Spain Guide to good practice farms centers packing industries
The Netherlands IKB Egg is a quality system for the production of eggs

The egg sector is constantly innovating across a series of vital areas, which we now highlight.