November 27, 2020

2.4.4 Increasing desire for Well Being

  • Consumers are looking for ways to bring about health and well being benefits
  • Implications for you?

    • are there further opportunities to develop egg products that can capitalise on this trend
    • Low caloric value, ease of digestibility and high nutrient content make eggs valuable in many therapeutic diets for adults. During convalescence, when bland diets may be required, eggs provide a good nutritious diet. For older people, whose caloric needs are lower, eggs are an easy, inexpensive and nutritious food to prepare and eat.
    • Highlight new research that emerges.  E.g.  Researchers from Massachusetts University in the U.S have proven that by eating egg yolks regularly, people over 60 may be able to reduce the risk of age related sight loss caused by macular degeneration.