November 28, 2020

5.6 Manufacturing –premises design

Some tips for premises design & the systems therein ….

Feeding Systems

Well-designed and maintained feeding systems are needed to optimise bird performance, minimise the risk of environmental impacts and maximise business profitability.  Some key advice …

  • Design and locate feeders so that all birds have equal access to feed.
  • Install systems that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the birds.
  • Select feeders that retain minimal amounts of old feed.
  • Install and maintain feeding systems to minimise feed wastage.
  • Design and maintain silos and feed-lines to minimise feed spillage and the ingress of water.
  • Design feed storages to prevent access by rodent
Ventilation System

Good ventilation is required to maintain bird health and welfare and to control shed temperatures. It also is critical in maintaining acceptable moisture content in the manure and litter to help prevent excessive odour generation and the accumulation of water vapour, heat, gases and dust particles within the sheds.  System design should provide adequate shed ventilation to control shed temperatures, to minimise gas build up and to allow manure and litter to dry.

Water System

Well designed and maintained watering systems are essential for animal health and welfare and to prevent wetting of bedding and subsequent environmental impacts.

  • Design watering systems to ensure adequate access to watering space.
  • Install systems that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the birds.
  • Install systems  that can be easily cleaned.
  • Design systems to minimise spills and leakages.
Energy and Eco-efficiency

Eco-efficiency focuses on reducing resource inputs and avoiding the generation of wastes and pollutants. To improve eco-efficiency and energy efficiency, here are some ideas …

  • Install triphosphour fluorescent lighting.
  • Use automatic control systems.
  • Select energy efficient fans and regularly maintain to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Inspect all equipment regularly  for performance losses.