November 27, 2020

5.7 Latest equipment, traceability, packing


Buildings and equipment:

  • Roundel Housing System: hens are raised with respect for animal welfare and the environment, based on conditions that fulfill all the natural needs of the birds.
  • Big Dutchman: information regarding poultry housing systems for egg production available in separate product categories – as PDF files:
  1. Alternative egg production
  2. Enriched colony systems
  3. Poultry cages
  4. Poultry growing
  5. Breeder management
  6. Poultry climate control
  7. Exhaust air treatment
  8. Residue treatment

  • FACCO – Poultry equipment: From feed distribution to drinking systems, the most complex ventilation systems for any environmental challenge to the manure treatment inside and outside poultry sheds to battery cages or alternative systems.
  • ZUCAMI: Comprehensive equipment and batteries for breeding and rearing, batteries for laying hens in their different versions, feeding and ventilation systems, manure treatment, egg collection….




Source –

In 2004 the project Keeping and Loving Hens (in Dutch: Houden van Hennen) delivered two designs for a socially desirable husbandry systems to keep hens for the production of eggs  (the brief was to provide space for around 30.000 laying hens) The Plantation (De Plantage) and The Roundel (Het Rondeel). No blue prints, but inspirational examples. The designs combine the needs of animal, farmer and citizen/consumer and break with popular beliefs, such as the idea that more space per chicken will cost a lot of money by definition.

Both designs fulfil the brief of requirements and In both designs hens have contact with outdoors (sunlight, wind), but in one case the hens live under a roof, while in the other they can actually go outside. The designs show that a poultry farm of reasonable size can be compatible with the demands of the hen, the farmer and the public. The egg does not have to cost that much more: the cost price of eggs produced in these designs shall be around 20 % more than of eggs produced in barn systems or enriched battery cages

The next step

The Rondeel is a unique housing system for laying hens based on the Houden van Hennen research. It involved lengthy consultations with all stakeholders, including the public, farmers, animal welfare groups, retailers and legislators, and is the only non‐organic product to be awarded a three star status, for animal welfare. The research team studied the areas of conflict between corporate social responsibility, the needs of the laying hen and an optimum working environment for the poultry farmer.  These various perspectives resulted in a package of requirements which formed the basis for designing new methods of keeping laying hens.