November 28, 2020

About The Need

EU egg industries under threat.

Eggs are a staple food and are consumed throughout Europe, giving rise to a large & important market. Notably, Netherlands was recently number one in export capacity and the UK and Spain are key European egg producers. However, the industry is under pressure.  Already having to compete with a perishable, fragile food with natural variability, egg producers now face rising prices for key materials, a vast increase in legislative requirements regarding the environment and bird welfare and increasingly demanding retailers. Higher costs, changing market structures and global competition have provoked a relative decline in the poultry industry. Among the top 10 producers, only Spain and the Netherlands increased production between 2006 – 2007 (EEPA).   This decline most affects small and medium producers and processors, which in turn affects others in the supply chain.

Need for training in specific sectoral knowledge and skills

This is extensively documented in international egg industry forums (;; and  has been validated by Momentum Marketing’s TNA of the Irish Egg Industry (2007) which revealed that:

a) Changing market structures & national/EU standards requires in-depth industry-specific knowledge in order to compete

b) The majority of those that work in the egg industry have skills based in agriculture, they lack up-to-date information and contemporary business skills

Moreover, after consulting with European peer organizations, it is evident that these needs are transnational.