November 30, 2020

About the Partners

CICEI is a consortium of partners from 5 countries. We offer expertise in training, marketing and issues specific to the egg industry. Each partner has been selected because of its expertise in education and training and their experience with the target sector. Together we have developed training materials in 4 languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Business Development Friesland (BDF) – Netherlands
BDF develops projects aimed at sharing knowledge between businesses, educational institutions and governments. Both at local and European level. BDF is from the North of the Netherlands and has a strong bond with the agro-food sector, the largest sector in the region. BDF offers corporate training and education, and also manages its own incubator where entrepreneurs can start their own business. BDF is a member of EBN (European Business Innovation Centre Network) and through EBN has a European network at its direct disposal of 200 + innovation in Europe.

The association that joins the employer’s associations in the egg chain in Spain. Associations Members: egg line hatchers (CEAS), egg producers and packers (ASEPRHU), egg cooperatives (CCAE), egg products manufacturers (INOVO), and two of farmers (ASAJA and UPA). Aims: Improve egg quality, protect the environment, egg promotion and information, promotion of research in egg and egg products, transparency and efficacy of the market, to meet the consumer demands. INPROVOhas developed materials for training the egg industry in Spain: Guide of Good Hygiene Practices (GGHP) in Farms of Breeders and Layers, GGHP in the Egg Products Industry, Guide of implementation (GI) of Best Available Techniques in egg farms, GI of the HACCP system in egg packing stations, GI of the egg labelling and marketing regulation, GI of the traceability in the egg chain, DVD on the egg production from farm to fork, GGHP in the use of eggs – (food safety).

Momentum – Ireland
Momentum Marketing Services is a dynamic agency with extensive agri food expertise based in Ireland.  As a FETAC and FÁS certified training organisation, it is respected in its offering of training, mentoring and consultancy services in marketing, sales, branding, idea generation and creative thinking and product development, innovation and networking. Inhouse staff carry out the majority of work but expert practitioners contribute where needed to bring additional expertise on board. On an annual basis it trains over 200 businesses, with specific expertise in training over 50 egg companies and over 300 employees per annum.

MMS has worked closely with Irish Egg Association and was involved in the development and implementation of a training network dedicated to the needs of the Irish egg sector – the Irish Egg Supply Chain Skillnet, notably in the design and delivery of the training offering, in particular those that relate to this project.

Canice Consulting – Northern Ireland
Canice Consulting is an international consultancy operating in the fields of local and regional development, enterprise and employment development, and management and technical support to EU networks and programmes. Operating from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, UK, staff have in-depth knowledge of EU policies and programmes and considerable experience of working within Northern Ireland, other regions of the UK and in other EU countries.  With significant experience in training programme design, project management and SME development, the company has developed a particular specialism in online learning development and search engine optimisation techniques. As such, the company is ideally suited to the transfer and adaption of the training materials, as well as ensuring excellent visibility and page ranking, thereby returning well for any searches on food quality standards training and related terms.

Frisian Egg – Netherlands

Frisian Egg
operates as a supplier of eggs to retail companies, supermarket chains and hotel & restaurant wholesalers and as a supplier of egg-products to bakeries and food manufacturers such as mayonnaise- and salad producers. Frisian Egg is one of the main players on the Dutch egg market. Weekly, over 9 million eggs are delivered through several sales channels.

Frisian Egg developed a unique, fully computerized detection system especially designed for selecting the eggs and ensuring the highest quality and efficiency. By combining two separate disciplines, selling shell/table eggs and pasteurized egg products, within one company, Frisian Egg offers her customers a unique surplus value.<p

EEPTA/BEIC – United Kingdom
European Egg Packers and Traders Association (EEPTA) is a member organization of the ‘European Union of Wholesale with Eggs, Egg Products, Poultry and Game EUWEP’. Like the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) it operates from London, UK.

The aim of EEPTA (shell eggs) is to protect and to defend the rights, commercial functions and professional interests of its members. EEPTA strives to reach this aim by:

  • Strengthening cooperation between the members and by maintaining contacts with other professional organizations
  • Studying professional common problems in order to reach common solutions
  • Representing the interests of the members with authorities and institutions, namely with the European Union

EEPTA represents the interests of Egg Packers and Traders in the European Union.  Its members are the trade associations representing the interests of the egg industry in the individual member states. EEPTA will seek to disseminate the results of the research amongst its member organisations and wider EU egg industry.  This will be achieved by working with EU professional’s and members of the egg industry.

Product Board for Poultry and Eggs (PPE) – Netherlands
PPE acts as associate partner and as consultative forum for employers ‘and workers’ organizations. PPE represents the interests of both employers and workers’ organizations in the sector. This its into the project well, because both groups (companies and individual employees) have an advantage of acquiring knowledge through sector-specific training programs.

BIC Minho – Portugal
Like project leader BDF, BIC Minho is a Business Innovation Center and recognized as such by the European Commission. It is a non-profit organization and guides and supports business innovation and modernization of small and medium sized enterprises and helps them to internationalise.